Make savings of up to 30 per cent. Benefit from current court rulings and switch your unsuitable tariff within the same company.

High costs for private
health insurance.
Time to put a stop to it.

When the new premium statement arrives, it often causes
a shock. An annual increase of five to ten per cent is not
unusual. Reason enough to take a closer look at this expense.

How it works. Experts
work in your best interests.

Expensive quotes from the insurance company when
enquiring about reducing premiums? Not when it
comes to you. Simply take advantage of the many years
of expertise that santos possesses. Your health insurance
specialist will talk straight with you on the telephone and
go through the cost-cutting options that your private
health insurance company has to offer you. Assuming that
you consent to the optimisation proposals, everything will
be handled by the relevant department, including any legal
enforcement measures, if necessary. As a result, you enjoy
considerable savings – without having to engage in laborious
dialogue with your insurer’s employees who may not be
interested in your case.

ProtectMe© card – get the
desired result fairly and transparently.

Common optimisation measures of this kind cost you many
times more than the actual monthly saving. ProtectMe©
cardholders can use this service free of charge as part of
their general package.

This service can always be accessed via your personal
callback system without having to hold on the phone.

Trapped in an expensive tariff.
Strike back systematically.

Thanks to German legislation (§ 204 VVG) you can secure
considerable benefits by changing your tariff with your
existing health insurance provider. In contrast to when you
change to a new provider, you lose none of the already
accrued old-age provisions. Furthermore, in most cases
you can take advantage of a significantly cheaper tariff
despite pre-existing illnesses.

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