Delight your workforce with greater financial freedom.

Simply accept high payroll-related costs as they are?
Certainly not in your case.

Who wouldn’t be annoyed? When employees receive a pay rise, they often only receive half of the money the employer has invested in the form of take-home pay. Very few businesses are aware that they simply don’t have to accept the amount paid in tax and social security contributions. Original ways of reducing the burden of such costs lead to lower tax and social security contributions – even for the employer to some extent. Savings of between €500 and €1,000 per annum and employee are not uncommon. Your employees will thank you.

Two people talking

Time-consuming information flow to keep your employees updated?
Not an issue for you

Complete understanding in a matter of minutes. Experts with long-standing experience use state-of-the-art technology to address your employees directly without wasting your company’s valuable time. Best of all, each employee can decide individually whether or not they wish to go with the improved conditions.

Always on the safe side from a legal perspective.
No unpleasant surprises.

Achieve the desired goal with authorized external specialists by your side. Every step taken together towards lowering costs is accompanied by a legal check in relation to taxation and social security matters, as well as binding information from your local tax office. Such measures are sure to keep you and your staff happy