A retirement plan to make you smile – completely transparent, available anytime and tax-optimised.

Traditional retirement planning.
High hidden costs?
Not when it comes to you.

Who wouldn’t be annoyed? It is often the case: after ten
years of hard saving, the redemption value is actually less
than the amount paid in. The investment itself frequently
plays a subordinate role in it all. In fact, many business
owners unwittingly underestimate the sometimes enormous
costs of 15 to 30 per cent involved in conventional life
insurance and pension schemes. The amount paid upon
expiry of the policy term seldom lives up expectations.

laughing businessman

Liquidity required at short notice.
An underestimated risk.

Many companies have their costs under control and often
need no additional liquidity. But what happens in the case
of an unexpected event? Whether a major loss for which the
insurance company has not yet paid out or an investment
opportunity which is only temporarily available for which
there is not enough capital available, in most cases the only
answer is to approach the bank. Even if you offer your own
life insurance as security, there is almost always a thorough
credit check before a financial institution will release any
money. This approach can cost valuable time. ProtectMe© cardholders have options available to them through their retirement plan.

Clarity at last with net tariffs.
The reasonably priced and
transparent alternative for
ProtectMe© cardholders.

A completely new way of looking at retirement planning.
Low, clearly defined costs and an unprecedented degree of
transparency will give your retirement plan proverbial
wings. Experts are agreed: net tariffs produce particularly
high results upon expiry.

Loyalty is rewarded.
Your ProtectMe© card
makes it possible.

Get a refund on already paid investment costs. Thanks to
the integrated Cashback programme that comes with your
ProtectMe© card, you get part of the already paid
investment costs back exclusively every year.

A good feeling –
experts on hand for
you every day.

Do you have the right investments? You can look into this
question at any time. Your specialist for funds and capital
investments is on hand for you. He or she has the
comprehensive knowledge, experience and a good feel
for what our most discerning clients want. The ability to
contact the specialist quickly and in person via the
callback service gives even clients with assets worth
millions a strong sense of security. It is also possible to
change from one form of investment to virtually any other
kind within the shortest space of time.