Take advantage of the purchasing power of thousands
of businesses and their energy needs.

Energy. An expense that can
be avoided to some extent.

Who isn’t familiar with rising electricity and gas bills?
For many business owners, the money demanded by energy
suppliers has become a considerable cost factor. By adopting
a canny approach to purchasing, however, there are
significant savings to be made.

satisfied female customer

Extraordinary service.
Ongoing checks prevent surprises.

Even if an energy supplier that we have recommended
unexpectedly adjusts their prices out of proportion
over the medium term, we compare new options for you at
regular intervals and improve your tariff even further if
we can, giving you more time to concentrate on the
important things.

Specialists ensure
Clarity at last.

You can get the advice you need quickly and directly
over the phone. When selecting your energy supplier,
an experienced expert assists you with specific
suggestions, imparting specialist knowledge in an
understandable way in order to find a tailored
In short: the relationship between outlay and benefits is summed up in a nutshell.

Realisation. High efficiency in
the shortest possible time.

The fastest savings without the formalities. Unlike
when you usually change your supplier, your customer
care supervisor will take care of the entire transaction –
assuming you give your consent – from lodging the
initial enquiry with the new energy supplier to
transferring your user account and terminating your
existing relationship.

No further costs.
Your ProtectMe© card
makes it possible.

As a ProtectMe© cardholder, there are absolutely no costs
involved with any activities associated with the santos
energy department. You can even include additional
energy contracts from other locations in your sphere of activity with no extra fees.

This service can always be accessed via your personal
callback system without having to hold on the phone.