The voice of 80,000 members
speaks a different language.

If we don’t attend to the politics, the politics will attend to us.

Robert Pferdmenges, Honorary President, IHK Cologne, 1953

Lend your voice to BDS Landesverband NRW/BVMU and see how your company can benefit from discernible improvements.

Alone against Goliath.
Organisation in an association is the answer for you.

Collectively, small and medium-sized businesses have hitherto only had an insufficient grasp of how to organise themselves and take a successful stand against the power monopoly of the bureaucrats. Association members benefit from a classic pooling of forces. Around 80,000 members form a strong network and can exert pressure on the world of politics.

Policies that disadvantage independent medium-sized businesses?
You can stop that from happening.

The fact is, unions and major industry pursue a strategy which is counterproductive for many medium-sized businesses. With mayors and representatives in state parliaments, the German Bundestag and the European Parliament acting as spokespeople, your voice as a member will be heard when it comes to issues of importance to medium-sized business. With your interests in mind, a delegation participates in all the German Federal Government’s hearing procedures which affect medium-sized businesses. In doing so, the independence of the association means that it does not have to tell any party or organisation what it wants to hear.

Sustainability and the will to succeed bring about discernible improvements.
Be part of the success story.

Success has many fathers. That said, there are a number of discernible improvements for independent medium-sized businesses which are attributable to initiatives and public pressure from BVMU and BDS NRW. The increase in business tax allowances and the revision of competition law are but two instances in which the association has proven its ability to assert itself.

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